Our Team
A dedicated Team of Volunteers - people from all around the San Francisco Bay Area -who visit, advise, and counsel men incarcerated  at San Quentin. Every month, they assist around 200 people who work toward parole and/or reentry to ensure they succeed.
Without our Team's tireless work, enthusiasm and commitment, our work would not be possible.
Our Board

Allyson West


"Society deserves better than what the prison system provides."

Executive Director

"I measure our success in that of our clients' - their successful reentry to society."

Judith Tata

Ann Lopata

Assistant Director

"My passion has been to help others develop the skills that they need to maximize the success of their goals."

Curt Parker


“I’m proud of our volunteers providing our clients invaluable services to help rebuild lives.”

Kevin Lundquist


"I have been on the board for 4 years, volunteered for 2. In my spare time I work with women in CIW and CCWF.

David Cowan

Board Member

"I am passionate about helping our clients reintegrate into the community functionally, socially, and emotionally.

Kenneth Brydon

Board Member

"Since day paroled, life has been grand."

Michelle Leporini

Board Member

By providing essential resources to clients who would otherwise face barriers to access, we are setting them up for a successful reentry.

Marvin Mutch

Board Member

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